Lena Dunham Interview with The Breakfast Club


I admire anyone that can be 100% themselves at all times regardless of setting or company. Not even the closest people around me ever see me with my guard completely down, so I respect it when I see it in others.

Lena Dunham was younger than I am now when Girls got picked up by HBO. If you watch the show, you will quickly realise that she seemingly has no regard for opinion or judgement. It feels like she does her shit no matter what’s in front of her.

I need to figure out how to do that asap.

An inspiring Breakfast Club interview on the other side.

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Beats By Dre Presents: “Got No Strings”

Young M.A. is the latest in the long line of examples which further cements the notion in my mind that you can achieve anything you want to in this world. She features in the latest Beats by Dre advert released today which gives you an indication as far she has come in only a matter of months.

Every two years New York creates a nondescript hip-hop star from absolutely nowhere and propels them to the top of the game from one breakout hit. 2012 was Trinidad James, 2014 was Bobby Shmurda. 2016 is Young M.A’s turn and I’m intrigued to see what she does with it.

The second single is always more important than the first so I hope her follow-up takes her even further than she already is. The other common factor among her New York bred forefathers is the fact that the game destroyed them as fast as it created them; so I hope she uses the juice well, whilst she still has it.

I have never owned a pair of Beats headphones in my life and I don’t intend to either. Salute my guy PARTYNEXTDOOR in this advert though.

Karen Civil too.