Solange Knowles Returns with “A Seat at the Table”

Sometimes I wonder where Solange Knowles would be if she wasn’t Beyoncé Knowles’ sister.

She makes incredible music and has an even better ear for talent. Her Saint Heron EP in 2012 was packed full of gems and in today’s landscape where individualism is embraced more than ever before, there is a massive lane for someone with her aesthetic to cross over to demi-stardom; sort of how Corinne Bailey Rae did in the early 2000’s.

Solange could be that person.

But for now, she isn’t.

She deserves to be heard a lot more and so do those very intriguing Lil Wayne verses on Track 6 of this album. It’s almost sad to see one of our brightest stars in such a predicament at this very moment.

Add “A Seat at the Table” to your rat-Tunes music library now.

Tory Lanez – “I Told You”

ToryIToldYouI am warming to this Tory Lanez album but I feel like I hear every one else in hip-hop within these fourteen tracks. “Luv” feels like Tory trying his best to slither onto the Controlla-created lane for dancehall crossover records in demand currently. “4am Flex” feels EXACTLY like “The Art of Peer Pressure” by Kendrick Lamar. The entire narrative of the album feels like a My Krazy Life attempt which would work well if it wasn’t executed so impressively executed by YG two whole years ago.

The biggest similarity I noticed however came with “Friends with Benefits” though; Track 6 for those that are unaware. As soon as I heard this record I knew where I had heard it before. Those who know me to a fairly decent level know that I have a strong affinity for Tinashe. As of right now, Travis Scott and The Weeknd have a fire record out called “Wonderful”. As soon as I heard that, my mind span HERE where you can hear Tinashe’s “Wonderful” demo from nearly two years ago. Fast forward to 2016, and we get Friends with Benefits from Tory which, as you guessed it, can be heard being performed by Tinashe AGAIN back in 2013(!) (trust me her version is much better).

I’m not mad at Tory doing his thing over this beat as he crafted a pretty good record. Me noticing this doesn’t help his quest for originality on this album however, especially when his version doesn’t hold a candle to Tinashe’s previous work.

It also doesn’t make his artwork any better. Who the fucked signed off on that monstrosity being the cover to your debut album?

I don’t know with this one. Good without ever reaching great.

I Told You in stores everywhere.